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VEGE Timeline



1936       1946    
Vege Founded   Vege owner  

First truck engines built dodge, chevrolet, GMC

  Vege 1946 Turck
VEGE Motoren BV was founded, a simple repair shop in Spijkenisse.   A joint venture between friends; Mr VErsteeg (pic) & Mr van GEnderen.   Atter WW2 there was an acute shortage of spare parts. VEGE spotted an opportunity.  

The first engines VEGE produced were for trucks, Dodge & GMC.



Vege 1947   Vege Jeep   First Production Line   Vege Groene Kruisstraat, Spijkenisse
VEGE introduce exchange engines, in order to reduce the downtime from weeks to days.   Product range extended to include Jeep, Ford, Morris & Austin.
  VEGE the first to have an 'eco' production line to meet demand.   Our early factory in Groene Kruisstraat, Spijkenisse.
1953       1967    
Vege VW aircooled and waterboxer engine   vege vw transporter and beetle engines   New 'state of the art' factory opened, Spijkenisse   Vege Spijjenesse 1967

VEGE expanded to Huissen to cope with increasing demand.

  VW air & water cooled engines, a VEGE speciality.   New purpose built  'state of the art' factory opened in Spijkenisse.   Growing numbers of Ford, Opel & VW engines produced.
1975       1977    
Vege Tunisia 1975   Vege Tunisia 1975   Vege OEM Contracts   Vege Remanufactured
Foundation of VEGE-Moteurs S.A. To serve the growing French market   Remanufacturing plant
in Kalaa Kebira, Tunisia.
  First OEM Contract gained.   Remanufactured engines delivered on demand to Dealers.
1981       1986    
Vege France   Vege France Citroen 2CV   Vege Celebrates 50th Anniversary   Vege Stacked Engines 1986

Foundation of VEGE-France S.A. French Sales Company.

  In collaboration with AMR near Paris, Produced 2CV engines, later relocated to Tunisia.   VEGE celebrates 50th Anniversary.   Large all makes range.


Vege Mexico   Vege Mexico 1987   Vege ATK   Vege, Santa Ana California

VEGE Mexico opened in Monterrey.

  Remanufacturing plant in Nuevo Escobedo, Mexico.   ATK North America 51% integrated in VEGE-group.   Based in Santa Ana, California, serving the American market.
Vege Mexico   Vege Mexico 1992   Vege United Kingdom   Vege UK opened
VEGE Motodis S.A. de C.V. Mexican Sales Company.   First engine sales company
in Mexico
  VEGE UK opened in Chesterfield.   VEGE extended the range with Rover & Land Rover.


Vege Sweden   Vege Sweden opens   Vege Spain   Vege Spain opens

Foundation VEGE-Motorer Norden AB. Swedish Sales Company.

  Based in Helsingborg.   Foundation VEGE Iberica S.L. Spanish Sales Company.   Based in Requena,near  Valencia.


Vege Germany   Vege Germany opens   Vege Italy   Vege Italy opens
Foundation VEGE-Motoren GmbH. German Aftersales Company.   Based in Wurzburg.  

VEGE Italy opened

  Based in Modena


1,000,000 product engine off the line   Vege 1997   Remanufactured Gearbox programme launched   Test market UK
1,000,000th engine off the production line.   VEGE carry huge stocks in bespoke facility for European distribution.   VEGE launch Remanufactured gearbox programme.   Gearbox sales started in UK, early success saw the range taken into Europe.


Continental Engines   Vege launch bare heads   Vege ISO 9001 certificate   Vege Hot Run Test 1998
VEGE assist Indian foundry CEL with cylinder head production.   VEGE launch a range of new bare cylinder heads from CEL into the market.   VEGE awarded ISO9001 certification.   Building and quality testing in Spijkenisse.
1999       2005    
Diesel Pumps & Injector Range   Production starts in Tunisia   CEL take a stake in Europe   Vege offers extended head range
Diesel pumps & injector range introduced.   Production starts in Tunisia in a new bespoke facility.   VEGE merge with the Continental Engines Group Ltd (CEL)   VEGE offers extended ‘new’ cylinder head range with support of CEL.
2005       2008    
Turbo programme launched   Vege Turbo Brands   Vege SAKER engines   Vege SAKER engines
Turbo programme launched.   VEGE all makes range of turbos remanufactured in Holland   VEGE build performance engines for SAKER Sportscars.  

The Dutch built cars have ultra reliable 2000cc flat 4 turbo charged engine.

Vege Tunisia expansion   New Vege Turbo production plant   DPF Range Launched   New Vege pilot plant in the Netherlands
Turbo production is increased and the first Tunisian built units begin production.   New 'purpose built'  turbo production plant opens.   VEGE are contracted to research remanufactured DPF.   VEGE set up a 'pilot' DPF plant in the Netherlands.
EcoXchange range introduced   Vege used engine solution   Vege Group website launched   ISO/TS 16949 certified
VEGE launch a sister brand 'EcoXchange'.   EcoXchange is a used engine solution for difficult to source units.   All new VEGE Group Website launched. Packed with information.   Our Tunisia production facility gained certification Oct to comply with OE demand.
2013       2014    
Vege Spain New Premises   Vege Spain Champions of CEL Cylinderheads   Vege New Turbos   VEGE Remanufactured Turbos
After several years in the same building Vege Spain moved into a new facilities.   Vege Spain Champions the program of CEL cylinder heads.   VEGE have offered turbos since 2005. We begin 2014 by introducing a complete new range of 'new' turbos to the growing needs of the market.
  Our customers now have the choice of remanufactured or new turbos. Both sold on an exchange basis as VEGE has done since 1936.
    VEGE Netherlands New Office   VEGE Netherlands New Office Branch

VEGE made the decision to commit to market leading electronic parts catalogue Tecdoc, in 2014. Now months later 1,000's of VEGE products can be found on-line. Thoughout 2015 we will continue to increase products.


To begin with VEGE have started with:

  • Cylinder-heads
  • Turbo
  • Pump & Injectors
  • Coming soon…
  • Engines
  • DPF
  • Gearboxes

VEGE Benelux is moving to new premises.

After spending the last few years working from our old factory premises we are delighted to inform you that as of April 1 Vege Benelux will have relocated to a beautiful new building, just 2 kilometers away, still in Spijkenisse our home for many years.


Our new office & warehouse facility will house the Head Office team that continues to service the needs of our European Branches.
The new warehouse has room enough to house our extensive stocks of new & remanufactured products,  our move to new modern premises reflects our confidence for the future.


In 2016 VEGE celebrates 80 Years of Remanufacturing expertise.

In 1936 VEGE were the first in Europe to offer recycled automotive products, now in 2016 after 80 years the VEGE Group continues to expand its new and remanufactured automotive product range.


From January 16th 2016 VEGE's Tunisia production facility are awarded ISO 9001 certification from SGS.

VEGE launch the new updated brand logo.