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Vege began remanufacturing automotive products in 1936; we offer a wide range of Vauxhall remanufactured engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes and turbo chargers. All Vege products are sold on an exchange basis - after you receive you exchange product we will collect your old unit which in turn will help fuel our remanufacturing production line. We believe that VEGE's availability is second to none...why not put us to the test?


Remanufactured Engines

Vege offer a massive range of Vauxhall exchange Petrol & Diesel engines for sale across the whole of the UK, wherever possible we offer engines for you to buy from stock which are delivered on an overnight carrier to avoid valuable down time of the vehicle.

Petrol engines

Vauxhall petrol engines are usually offered for sale as a complete unit from sump to rocker cover* and in all cases arrive without ancillary items, these are simply transferred from the original engine to the new replacement Vege engine before fitting into the vehicle.

Diesel Engines

When possible Vauxhall diesel engines are offered in two dress levels;

  • Complete - an engine sold with diesel pump and injectors. This is a more expensive option but can often save the customer money as a used engine often needs these items changing at the same time as an engine.
  • Bare - an engine sold without diesel pump and injectors but complete from sump to rocker cover*. As with petrol engines the customer will need to transfer parts from the original vehicle before fitting.

*The dress levels outlined above can vary from time to time so we advise that you check at the point of order the exact specification of the unit you are offered. We reserve the right to change specification at any time and without prior notice.



Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

VEGE offer a massive range of Vauxhall petrol and diesel cylinder heads for sale in a selection of dress levels our 'all makes programme' is probably the largest in today's automotive aftermarket. If we don't remanufacture the Vauxhall cylinder head you require we try to offer the opportunity to have the customers own cylinder head remanufactured.

Most Vauxhall cylinder heads are available in 3 dress levels;

  • Complete – a cylinder head assembled with valves, springs and camshaft(s)
  • Semi complete – a cylinder head assembled with valves and springs
  • Bare – a bare casting only, ready for your components to be fitted.


Remanufactured Gearboxes

VEGE offer a comprehensive range of 5 & 6 speed car & light commercial manual gearboxes for sale to suit the most popular Vauxhall's on the road today. In most cases Vauxhall gearboxes are available to buy from our extensive stocks & delivered next day. In some cases we have stocks of 'old Vauxhall units', but the finished product is awaiting its turn on our production line. If you need one of these units we can always 'fast track' production of your order for delivery in 2-3 days.


Remanufactured & New Turbo Chargers


We can supply exchange turbo chargers for a vast range of Vauxhall car and light commercial vehicles, all available for you to buy on an exchange basis. After you receive your exchange turbo we will collect your old unit which in turn will help fuel our remanufacturing production line. Some of our customers prefer to only fit new turbo chargers so in an effort to accommodate this demand; for a large part of our Vauxhall turbo range VEGE offers the choice of a remanufactured or new turbo.