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Gearbox Process

The old 'core' unit is completely disassembled & cleaned. The disassembled gearbox and all its internal components are kept together throughout this process.

A key element to the successful remanufacture of a gearbox is the rigorous inspection of the all important component parts. This is a stage undertaken by only our most experienced technicians. The old bearings and seals are discarded regardless of their condition, all VEGE remanufactured gearboxes are built with new seals, bearings & gaskets.

All gears are checked for wear to the tooth profiles to ensure the gearbox does not suffer from excessive noise whilst in operation. The synchromesh hubs and baulk rings are inspected and replaced if necessary to ensure quiet gear selection.

Pan European Warranty

Gearbox production line

Selector forks are checked for wear and alignment to ensure the gearshift is smooth. Once remanufactured, our gearboxes are professionally re-painted and packaged in a bespoke carton ready for transport to the customer.


All VEGE remanufactured products, including gearboxes are sold with a full comprehensive 12 months, unlimited mileage guarantee. Unlike our 'would be' competitors, VEGE have branches across Europe, in the unlikely event of a mechanical issue during the warranty period we are well placed to provide you an after-sales service in most European countries. This extra 'peace of mind' sets us apart from our rivals.