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Turbo Process

VEGE carry out a strict visual ‘pre-production’ inspection of all old units to ensure that only the best turbo core is selected for remanufacturing.

Once selected, the turbo begins the process on the disassembly line. The unit is completely dismantled and individual components thoroughly cleaned. VEGE are world recognized experts in their field and have developed unique thermal & chemical cleaning processes that will remove dirt or debris. Once clean, a final shot blasting treatment provides a cosmetic finish that returns the parts to the same visual condition as new.  All parts are then individually inspected to ensure they meet the original specification and tolerances.

Next, the units begin remanufacture; all gasket faces are machined to assure a proper sealing of gaskets. Crucial parts like bearings and seals are 100% renewed. The CRHA (Centre Rotating Housing Assembly), the turbine shaft, the turbine wheel as well as compressor wheel are checked according OE specifications. After preparation of all parts, the CRHA is balanced on ‘state of the art’, performance test rigs. This is a crucial stage; VEGE work to technical specifications that meets and goes beyond OE (Original Equipment) specifications. Only when a unit passes the final balancing tests is it deemed ready for final assembly.







All VEGE remanufactured products, including turbochargers, are sold with a full comprehensive 12 months, unlimited mileage guarantee. Unlike our 'would be' competitors, VEGE have branches across Europe, in the unlikely event of a mechanical issue during the warranty period we are well placed to provide you an after-sales service in most European countries. This extra 'peace of mind' sets us apart from our rivals.