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Cylinder Heads Process

As with our engines, a key part of our success is a ready supply of old units or ‘core’. We continually search throughout the world for units suitable for rebuilding. Selected vehicle dismantlers help us to secure the core we need to keep our production line in motion. We believe that VEGE are world leaders in the automotive ‘green initiative’, we have been recycling since 1936.

The process begins with an extensive pre-production inspection, the core heads are subjected to a thorough visual inspection; checking for external cracks, damage that would deem them unsuitable for remanufacture. At this stage heads failing inspection are scrapped and will eventually find their way back to the foundry.

Once we have identified the premium quality core, it is moved to a dedicated dismantling & cleaning area away from production to ensure that there is no danger of contamination in production.

The cleaning is done in stages; we begin with a high pressure jet steam to remove the worst of the dirt & debris. To ensure that all the holes & oil galleries are clean, the cylinder heads are then subjected to a unique submersing washing system that VEGE has developed. Only when the head is totally clean is it moved to the final stage of pre-production preparation; blasting. We shot blast with a soft blast medium which has been developed to provide our cylinder heads with a finish you can compare with new, without damaging the integrity of the metal surfaces.

After cleaning, our cylinder heads are subject to a further visual inspection to check once again for damage and possible cracks that may not have been apparent when the head was dirty.

If a cylinder head passes this second inspection, it is pressure tested to ensure there are no internal cracks or ‘hair-line’ cracks have been overlooked.

Damaged & cracked cylinder heads are welded in a temperature controlled environment to secure thermal shock of the material. This is a highly skilled operation that VEGE have developed over years of experience. Where needed, valve seats & valve guides are replaced. All valve seats and valve guides are machined to VEGE specifications and gasket faces are machined to secure surface accuracy.

Camshaft bores are checked and where needed, straightened or re-machined. All threaded holes are checked and if required; repaired with helicoils or threaded inserts. Lifter bores are checked and where needed machined to tolerance.

After all machining operations are complete, the cylinder head is subject to a final cleaning. Bespoke cleaning baths are filtered down to 20 microns to ensure all foreign particles that may have been left in the remanufacturing process are removed to avoid any future problems for the vehicle owner. Cylinder heads are expertly spray-painted grey to provide a cosmetic finish second to none. Smaller components are cleaned and inspected, valve springs are checked for damage and tolerance. The final assembly is done using new, OE quality seals and gaskets.

Once a VEGE cylinder head has ‘passed’ our final examination it is packed in an individual box, with foam inlays to ensure the product arrives with the customer, free from transport damage.

*VEGE reserve the right to change specification from time to time without prior notice due to availability of spare parts.




All VEGE remanufactured products, including cylinder heads, are sold with a full comprehensive 12 months, unlimited mileage guarantee. Unlike our 'would be' competitors, VEGE have branches across Europe, in the unlikely event of a mechanical issue during the warranty period we are well placed to provide you an after-sales service in most European countries. This extra 'peace of mind' sets us apart from our rivals.