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Most people associate the name VEGE with remanufactured engines & cylinder heads which we have been producing since 1936. In actual fact VEGE have always offered diesel engines in two dress levels; with & without injection. We have always believed that if a hard-working diesel engine requires replacement, then the injection pump may also require attention. With that in mind and in order to supply the expanding demand for complete diesel engines.

VEGE have invested heavily in the specialist equipment & technology to remanufacture & test diesel equipment ‘in house’. Our highly skilled ‘Diesel Shop’ is one of the fastest growing departments within our production facility and boasts regular orders from some of the worlds largest car manufacturers.
  Vege Pumps and Injectors

VEGE Pumps and Injectors

VEGE pumps and injectors packed and ready
to go to the customer

VEGE offer the automotive aftermarket an ever-growing range of quality products. In most cases pumps & injectors are available from our extensive stocks & delivered next day. In some cases the product you need maybe held in our central European stock, if this is the case, units can always be ‘fast tracked’ for delivery in 2/3 days.