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Pump & Injector Process

VEGE have built a bespoke ‘Diesel Shop’ within the extensive production facility in Tunisia. It boasts four separate dedicated areas for cleaning, preparation, assembly and finally, testing.

The process begins with the old core units being completely dismantled before being submitted to a  unique cleaning process that ensures the parts are free of dirt & debris and ready for remanufacture.

After cleaning, if the individual parts are deemed suitable for remanufacture, they are checked according to OE specifications. Certain crucial parts are not reused; the injector nozzle for example is replaced 100% of the time. The electrical components are tested and replaced if they fail our rigorous test standards.

Throughout this process, the pumps & injectors are kept together in sets as they pass from department to department. Each time a pump set passes from one department to another, it has to pass a quality audit.
Only when all separate parts have passed the last quality check, can final assembly of the unit take place. Cleanliness is essential in the delicate assembly process.

To ensure that the products are not contaminated in any way the Assembly Department is housed in a purpose built, pressurized climate controlled environment. Post assembly,  a full blow test is performed using OE test plans and OE homologated test equipment. The program consists of a wide variety of conventional and common rail injectors and pumps from the world’s leading diesel specialists, including Bosch, Siemens , Delphi , Denso etc.


All VEGE remanufactured products, including engines are sold with a full comprehensive 12 months, unlimited mileage guarantee. Unlike our 'would be' competitors, VEGE have branches across Europe, in the unlikely event of a mechanical issue during the warranty period we are well placed to provide you an after-sales service in most European countries. This extra 'peace of mind' sets us apart from our rivals.