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VEGE companies are authorised suppliers to various automobile manufacturer's (Orginal Equipment Manufacturers) and have been supporting a number of the world’s leading car makers for many years. We treat all our contracts as ‘highly confidential’ and for that reason we are unable to name our OE partners. References can be supplied if required.

Our Services

VEGE make the ideal OEM partner and offer a full range of technical services that most manufacturers need to consider ‘out-sourcing’  from time to time.

  • Technical analysis & quality audits
  • Fault finding & rectification
  • Warranty recall services
  • Engineering Solutions
  • OE branded remanufactured products including:
  Engine production line
Our products
  • Petrol Engines
  • Diesel Engines
  • Diesel Pumps & Injectors
  • Turbochargers
  • Gearboxes

The above services have all been used and continue to be used by discerning OEM’s.  The quality levels that you should expect are comparable with new.  If a component cannot be ‘reworked’ within our process to a level of quality comparable with “new” then we replace with new parts.  Serial replacement comes as standard.  Aftermarket products can be developed to suit various trading conditions. Our top tier consists of 100% new component parts, including pistons, pins and rings, valves, bearings etc. All parts used would meet the standards and specifications as laid down by the customer.

New Projects

If required, VEGE are happy to work in conjunction with a specialist from the customer/original manufacturer; VEGE are fully qualified to analyse the cause of possible recurring problems and recommend long-term solutions. We are able to modify or adapt O.E. products to meet a specific demand. The ability to work on short-term products can be a great advantage to a manufacturer who is unable to create "specials" without damaging the efficiency of the product line.

LPG icon ..... Example : VEGE was asked to pioneer the development of liquid petroleum gas engines for one of the worlds largest automobile producers.

Production Line Efficiencies

Condemned engines or rejected engine parts from a new manufacturing process do not have to be scrapped. This is also the case for warranty engines or parts. The recycling process can start immediately by using these parts for the remanufacturing process of exchange engines. In many cases VEGE is able to rework these parts as new.

The only way you can achieve a "lean" production process is to ensure your production process is free of interruptions. Remanufacturing old engines or engine parts is one of those interruptions and though VEGE's main activity is remanufacturing, many times before we have been given orders to produce new engine parts.

  ISO/TS 16949 Certified