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Logo Evolution

The Changing Face of VEGE

Vege Motoren Original Logo  

The company was formed in 1936, in the early days there was no ‘image’ we just made engines and sold them to local garages.

In 1953 things changed, the founder Mr Wim Versteeg decided that he wanted to brand his products and introduced the first logo, based on the label of his favourite cigar, so the story goes. This logo was used unchanged for 29 years as VEGE grew into a truly International operation.

Vege Motoren Logo 1982  

In 1982, the company now headed by the sons of the founder decided to update the image. The logo changed still incorporating the ‘leaping gazelle and engine’, that had become famous for quality around the world.

Vege Motoren Logo 1990  

Its now 1990…a new ‘marketing guru’ decided that it was time to change once again. Minor changes were made and a crisper, cleaner logo was launched on a remanufactured world dominated by VEGE.

Vege Motoren Logo 2005 to present day


The final transformation, the most radical of all, was made in 2005. The ‘all-new’ look has retained the famous orange colour, the Dutch national choice & the block style letters.

The new crisp image lead us into the 21st century and is already recognised around the world as sign of quality.

VEGE update their brand logo to incorporate an elipse around the main logo. This gives the logo more presence and makes the logo look more refined than the previous.