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Exchange Products

The Deposit or Surcharge Explained;

VEGE sell new and remanufactured products, many new products are sold outright, with no exchange. Remanufactured VEGE product are usually sold on an exchange basis. When we sell an exchange engine or cylinder head, gearbox or turbo the old unit must be returned. This means VEGE has developed a fast, efficient exchange system.
The exchange system is essential to a remanufacturer - core is the raw material of our trade. The core is of great value, not just in monetary terms, but it keeps our production moving.  If we have to go in search of new core to inject into our system, it slows down production which in turn results in lost sales and profits.

To ensure your new VEGE Engine reaches you in pristine condition and free of transit damage our engines come in specially built ‘frames’* that are designed to protect the goods from accidental damage and make it easy for you to send us your old engine back for credit of the deposit.

Our returns policy  is simple;

The old unit should be ‘like for like’, complete and free of external cracks and damage to ensure full credit. If your old engine for whatever reason does not comply with these conditions, don’t worry, simply tell us at the point of order.  An old unit or ‘core’ engine is always worth something to us; a partial credit may be issued based on the damage you report and the frame is a valuable asset to us; so at worst, send an empty frame and recover some of the deposit. With that in mind even an engine that is damaged beyond repair is worth something, a 50% credit is often the ‘worst case scenario’.

Here’s what to do;

  1. Place your old unit in the packaging provided and repack in exactly the same way as your new product arrived. Disassembled units are not acceptable.
  2. Drain off oil and coolants (where applicable) remembering to replace drain plugs. Your new product may have had plastic caps fitted to prevent contamination, these should be transferred to the old unit before dispatch.
  3. Ring your supplier to arrange collection or email us, quoting the part number & invoice number and we will arrange collection.
  4. Old units can be returned for credit up to 2 months from the date of purchase. Old units returned after this period will only be credited at our discretion.



VEGE have become experts in the logistics of returning core. As a result we are able to keep a minimum stock and maintain a very flexible production to ensure we can react quickly to our customers demands.
VEGE has close ties with a number of transportation companies throughout the globe. In general we can deliver all over the UK within 24 to 48 hours from one central point. Deliveries into Europe 2-4 days.

Unlike many remanufacturers who leave you to organise logistics, VEGE is happy to handle the return core on your behalf.