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Engine Process

complete stripped engine

As with all our exchange products, a key part of our success is a ready supply of old units or ‘core’. We continually search throughout the world for units suitable for rebuilding. Selected vehicle dismantlers help us to secure the core engines we need to keep our production line in motion. We believe that VEGE are world leaders in the global ‘green initiative’, we have been recycling since 1936.

The rebuild process begins with an extensive pre-production inspection, the engines & cylinder heads are subjected to a thorough visual inspection; checking for external cracks, damage that would deem them unsuitable for remanufacturing. At this stage, engines failing inspection are scrapped and will eventually find their way back to the foundry.

Once we have identified the premium quality core it is moved to a dedicated dismantling & cleaning area away from production to ensure that there is no danger of contamination in production.

Pre - Production

Only those parts that are eligible for reuse, are thoroughly inspected and processed again for use in the replacement engine. All parts are inspected and refurbished according to our own specifications which are based on the original OE specifications.

Cylinder Block

All components are disassembled and cleaned, then checked for cracks (using both magnetic powder and pressure test techniques) and distortion. Threaded holes are inspected and repaired where needed using time-serts , helicoils or threaded bushings. Cylinders are machined to standard dimensions or oversize using a diamond two stage honing machine.  Main bearings are re-worked by a process of in-line honing.  The gasket face is machined to ensure correct sealing of the cylinder head gasket, oil channels are thoroughly cleaned and closed with new plugs.

After machining, the block is cleaned and spray painted ready for assembly


When removed, the crankshaft is stripped and checked for distortion and cracks.  Damaged journals are repaired usually using a spray arc system, but VEGE has a wide range of repair methods.  All main bearings and con rod bearings are ground to new sizes.  After grinding, all journals are polished.  When machining work has been completed, the crankshaft is cleaned and ready for assembly.

Pan European Guarantee


Connecting rods

After disassembly, conrods are cleaned and measured.  Big ends are machined to OE specifications.  Small end bearings are renewed and machined to new specifications.

Cylinder head

Removed, stripped and checked for cracks and distortion, any damage or cracks are then welded.  After welding, all cylinder heads are pressure tested to ensure they are leak free.  Threaded holes are inspected and repaired where needed using inserts or helicoils.  The cylinder head face is machined to ensure correct sealing of the cylinder head gasket.  Valve guides and seats are renewed where needed, oil channels are cleaned and closed with plugs.  After machining, the cylinder head is thoroughly cleaned and spray painted.


Checked for signs of wear and damage, the camshaft is ground using OE specifications then cleaned and prepared for assembly.

Final Cleaning

After the inspection and machining process is complete, all parts are submitted to a final cleaning process. When all parts are cleaned they are ready for the assembly process


Engines are assembled using a combination of re-machined and inspected parts and a wide range of OE quality new parts. (picture above shows a typical engine, with new & reman components)

Final test

All VEGE remanufactured engines are tested in various ways before leaving our factories.  Many are submitted to a hot run, this functional test is to ensure the engines run smoothly, quietly and free of leakages. We also check and monitor oil pressure at low and high rpms.


VEGE engines are either bolted into a steel frame or packaged securely in a wooden crate, protecting the engine from transport damage.  A plastic cover protects the engine from outside influences such as water and dirt.
*VEGE reserve the right to change technical specification from time to time without prior notice, due to the availability of certain spare parts.  Not all the engines we offer have exactly the same combination of new/reman components.

Vege engine rebuilding process


All VEGE remanufactured products, including engines are sold with a full comprehensive 12 months, unlimited mileage guarantee. Unlike our 'would be' competitors, VEGE have branches across Europe, in the unlikely event of a mechanical issue during the warranty period we are well placed to provide you an after-sales service in most European countries. This extra 'peace of mind' sets us apart from our rivals.