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Customer Own Units

Struggling to find a unit for your car?

The world’s car park is changing faster than ever before. Just 20 years ago a car manufacturer would develop an engine that would be used in their production for years. This practice allowed specialist engine remanufacturer’s like VEGE to gear up for volume production and meant a full range of replacement engines were always available, from stock

Remanufatured engines   A full range of replacement engines
were always available, from stock

Things have changed, massively. Car manufacturers now change engine families every few years. ‘Short run’ production means remanufactured solutions are sometimes not available.


New Car Models – Customers Own Unit Rebuild.

If you are unfortunate enough to need a replacement engine for an almost new vehicle then it is very difficult or impossible to find an old ‘core’ unit to remanufacture. The vehicle in question is simply too new in the market. No vehicles have found their way to the dismantlers and there is no ready supply of old core units.

Another reason why VEGE may not be able to offer you a product from stock is that the vital parts to rebuild your unit are not available to the free market. Pistons are a perfect example, without access to these all important parts we cannot offer a full rebuild and with that in mind we are unable to put an engine into full production.

In an effort to serve the ever-changing requirements of the market place, VEGE have found new ways to satisfy demand.


Customers Own Units (COU) –  A Bespoke Service

The VEGE sales team are specialists at what they do and if they can’t offer you a fully remanufactured product from stock, they may be able to arrange for your damaged/broken unit to be rebuilt within a few days.

This service, we believe is unique to VEGE and draws on our vast European network  of trusted suppliers. Every VEGE Branch relies on smaller local rebuilders to help them supplement the VEGE standard range of remanufactured products.

There are no set prices, every engine is different. First we ask you to tell us the damage to your engine, at this point we try to provide you with a ‘guide price’ subject to inspection. Once the price is accepted in principle; we arrange for the collection of your unit by our carriers. When the factory has had the opportunity to inspect  your unit we are able to confirm the cost of the remanufacture and gain your approval before proceeding. A few days later the rebuilt engine is delivered back to you for refitting , the unit carries the same Pan-European 12 month warranty you would expect from a VEGE product.