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VEGE strive to remanufacture all engines to the same high standard. An  engine can only be truly called ‘Remanufactured’ if complies with BS AU 257 2002

This exacting standard states;

3.2 All components should be inspected against manufacturers’ tolerances and should be machined or renewed as necessary. It is essential that the following components are renewed entirely: pistons; piston rings; gudgeon pins and retainers; wet cylinder liners (unless rebored); main bearings; big end bearings; thrust washers where fitted; small end bushes; gaskets; oil seals; core plugs; filters; timing chains or timing belts. New lock washers should be fitted; if unavailable, an alternative locking device should be fitted. If damaged, threaded holes should be retapped or fitted with thread inserts, or plugged and redrilled and tapped. Loose dowels should be replaced with oversize dowels. All splines, keys, keyways and fasteners should be examined for damage and renewed as necessary.

It should be noted that there are occasions when ‘new pistons’ cannot be sourced either because they are not available to the market or not available in reasonable time for your order.

On these rare occasions; VEGE or some of the trusted suppliers reserve the right to deviate from the aforementioned standard in an effort to ensure the largest possible range of replacement engine products. There is also a good technical argument that suggests the piston is not in contact with the block, the piston is simply a carrier for the rings and therefore their re-use is totally acceptable.

The sales team who handle your enquiry are unlikely to know the exact specification of the parts used in your product.  If you are in any doubt about the quality issues mentioned, you should seek guidance prior to purchase. The sales team are able to check with the factory, based on the unique serial number allocated to the product & furnish you with the detail you may need.

Irrespective of whether an engine is built with new or approved used pistons the warranty as with all VEGE products is 12 months unlimited mileage.